PayPal Reload Pack

What’s A PayPal Reload Pack?

PayPal Reload pack

PayPal My Cash reload pack new version vs old version (both cards are discontinued) (Figure 1-1)

The PayPal reload pack has gone through a number of changes since they first introduced these cards. PayPal reload packs works the same as most other reload packs. You go to the nearest PayPal reload locations and pick up a plastic card typically found in the debit card prepaid section (See Figure 1-1). You then take that card to the cash register and tell the cashier how much money you want to place on it. The cashier swipes the reload pack and you pay for the load amount plus a $3-5 fee. You would then proceed to go home (or work, wherever your destination is) and you would scratch the validation code off the back of the card. You would visit a page on and enter the code and with a little process and verification your money would be in your PayPal account or your PayPal debit card.


PayPal Barcode

paypal barcode

However this is no longer the case in 2018 and going forward. PayPal has discontinued the PayPal reload pack for a somewhat more interesting process. PayPal introduced “PayPal Cash” often known by consumers as the “PayPal Barcode”. This process requires you to visit Barcode Generator , select a convenient store like CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens etc (find the nearest PayPal locations near you here before choosing one). After selecting a store and the amount of money being loaded, you’ll have to print the unique barcode PayPal has given you. If you’ve chosen to receive your barcode via smartphone, make sure your battery is fully charge and that you have strong internet connection, I’ll explain why in a second. The next step is to visit the store that you’ve chosen and give the cashier the barcode. If you’ve used our locator this trip should be quite short and convenient. The cashier will enter a bunch of stuff on the computer to check that the PayPal barcode is correct and retrieve the information you inputted. You will then ask to pay for the load amount and the $3.95 fee

PayPal Barcode

PayPal Cash barcode in action

A Few Things You Should Know

  1. If you decide to print your PayPal barcode you will have 48 hours before it expires
  2. If you decide to generate your PayPal barcode via smartphone you will have 1 hour from the time of generation before the code expires.
  3. If our locator does not grab your location right away after accepting permission, refresh the page. You may also find the notes section to be helpful for future use.